Glo & Blo Hitchin are proud to offer some of the world’s best sunbeds, including the MegaSun 5600 & MegaSun Alpha Hybrid beds.

Our sunbeds boast some awesome features including 60 Ruby Collagen Boosters which regulate the skins moisture level, a 12 inch touch screen display for easy control, Bluetooth so you can connect your phone up to listen to your own music whilst tanning; plus Aquacool and Aircon to keep you refreshed.

Life is infinitely better with a tan – but let’s face it, it’s difficult to achieve that bronzed goddess-like glow in UK weather conditions! We have the best Sunbeds Hitchin has to offer. Whether you’re heading abroad & wanting to build a base colour before you fly, have a session on one of the world’s best sunbeds at Hitchin’s favourite tanning salon.

The MegaSun sunbeds have been developed alongside doctors and health experts to give you a premium tanning experience.

If you are thinking where is there a a decent sunbed salon near to me, look no further! Come and meet the team at Glo & Blo for expert advice on getting the ultimate tan.


Simply connect the smartphone with the solarium via Bluetooth. And listen to a personal playlist while tanning.


Intuitive function control for customers before the tanning session. Easy access to maintenance and service settings for operators.


The high-performance air conditioner guarantees a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session.


Refreshing and revitalizing water mist from two special, drip-free jets.


P9 has 14,360 watts of tanning power
K7 has 13,300 watts of tanning power
8000 has 12,640 watts of tanning power
Shoulder tanning lamps
60 ruby collagen boosters
Surround sound with music vibration
Aqua Cool, Aroma, Air Con + Bluetooth

10 Mins: £13 (BUY NOW)
20 Mins: £22 (BUY NOW)
40 Min: £36 (BUY NOW)
80 Mins: £62 (BUY NOW)
100 Mins: £70 (BUY NOW)
120 Mins: £78 (BUY NOW)

PLEASE NOTE: Sunbed courses are valid for a year from the date of purchase.


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Come and visit us anytime to try our innovative MegaSun sunbeds.

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